Rifle and Pistol Range

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Do you enjoy shooting, but have a hard time finding a relaxing, safe, and legal place to let a few fly? You should check out Range 15 at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. We have a safe and fun place to spend some time perfecting your marksmanship, teach a youngster the finer points of the sport, or just spend a warm afternoon of plinking away.

Our official Army range is nestled on the small arms impact area, next to Joint Base Lewis-McChord qualifying ranges, making it extremely safe for shooting out to 300 yards. Along with the shooting line, we have a range shop, where you can pick up cleaning supplies, a box of ammunition when you run low, or just a soda and chips if your tummy starts growling (which is bad for accuracy, it’s a proven fact.)

Pistol shooters can take advantage of our 10 and 20-yard berms and soon one out to 35 for our hawkeyes working on accuracy. Our rifle shooters can shoot at targets all the way out to 300 yards. For all our shooters, we will be offering a new option, action targets.

For those wanting more excitement than just punching paper, we are going to offer the chance to shoot at our flipping targets.

Specially designed from a polymer plastic that allows the bullets to pass through with little damage to the target and no possibility of ricochet back at the shooter.

They swing and twist and give you instant feedback of a hit or miss. Map

Come on out and sight in that new deer rifle, blast away with your trusty blackpowder or just showoff with that tack driver that fits like an old glove. You can do it all at the Range 15, Joint Base Lewis-McChord Pistol and Rifle Range.