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The Outreach Program is designed to supplement the services of the ACS by reaching out to local and displaced Soldiers and Families who potentially have the greatest need, but are unlikely to seek out or access available services, until they have reached a state of crisis. It is a proactive preventive program that informs, educates and assists all Department of Defense (DoD) military personnel (active, retired, Reserve and National Guard), DoD civilians and their Families.
The primary focus of the Outreach Program is to deliver services to those who are geographically or socially isolated and identified as needing outreach services. 
The following groups are targeted:

Service delivery methods include exported outreach services, home visits/presence, network delivery, satellite centers, and off-base community venues.
Although all ACS services and programs influence some aspect of the Outreach Program in their service delivery model, the Outreach Program Coordinator organizes and administers the program. This involves developing and implementing methods to actively inform eligible members and their Families of available social and related support services, and linking these services with target populations.