ORV Schedule

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Hours of Operation

Weekends & holidays during daylight hours (half hour before sunrise & after sunset) Days of operation are determined by Range Control. Please call the Northwest Adventure Center to check availability.


The park is located about a mile out outside of Scouts Out gate on 2nd Division Range Rd. The gravel parking lot on the left is a staging area for the park. The Scout Outs gate is open only on Saturday & Sunday, but the ORV can be accessed through East Gate Rd. From East Gate, make the first right and follow the road to a fork. Stay right and continue until the staging area comes up on right.Call Outdoor Rec at 253-967-6263/7056.

Park Pass

Riders must obtain an ORV park pass from the Northwest Adventure Center. Year passes are $75 for the first ORV and $25 for any additional ORV. Riders can also obtain a day pass for $15 a day.

Riders must watch a safety video at the NAC before they will be given a pass.

Bring license & registration of the TOW vehicle (not the ORV)


Park Fees

Before you use the ORV Park, you must register your vehicle(s), comply with all requirements, and pay all fees at the Northwest Adventure Center.

Annual - $75

Additional Vehicle - $25

Guest Day Pass - $15


This park is designated for Active Duty, Dependents, Retirees, DOD Civilians, DOD ID card holder. ORV Park Rules




Parking: All vehicles must use the parking lot available in TA62 on the opposite side of the road from the ORV Park.
Refueling Lot: All vehicles must refuel in the designated area located in the parking lot.



You will need the following to register: ID card, Driver's license, & Proof of WA registration

After registration, participants will receive a pass for display on their vehicle at all times while in ORV Park. Failure to display the pass, can result in towing of the vehicle. You must sign in for every day.

Course Marshalls will patrol the ORV park and act as an enforcer of ORV Park Rules. They will be clearly marked with a Marshall's vest, and will help with any questions or emergency that might arise.

ATV Rental

ATV rentals are available on a first come first serve basis. ATV rental will include ATV w/gas (additional fill up is charged to the renter); Helmet; and goggles. Individuals are required to have long sleeve shirt, long pants; over the ankle boots, and gloves. individuals may use their own gear or any other personal safety equipment and will comply with ORV park rules. Individuals are required to watch a safety video prior to renting and may do so at the Northwest Adventure Center (967-6263 for info) 7 days a week from 9-5pm. Individuals are also responsible for any and all damages to the ATV due to improper use. Rental issue is located at the Shotgun shooting complex, Bldg 3969 (closed Monday and Tuesday). The ATV pits are co-usage with military training and may or may not be available. Individuals are to call for status of the track and availability of ATVs (253) 967-7056 or the NAC 967-6263.