Located next to the DuPont Gate, the Auto Center at Lewis Main has available areas and equipment for engine maintenance and rebuild, lube hoists and body and fender repair.
Engine Repair: Bldg. 4043
Autobody/Paint: Bldg. 4081


Professional services

are also available in automotive painting, minor body and fender repair, engine analysis, machine work for drums, rotors, and valves and computer wheel balancing. Professional mechanics are available for information and guidance.

Auto Center Guidelines:

The Auto Center is open to active duty, retired personnel, National Guard, reservists, family members and civilian employees.

No new customers will be signed in one hour before closing. All work will end and clean up will occur 30 minutes prior to closing. All customers must have military I.D. and vehicle registration in their name to use shop. Shirt and closed-toe shoes are required to work in shop area.
Children under age 13 are not allowed in shop area

Resale Lot

POV Resale Lot

The Privately Owned Vehicles Resale Lot is located right next to the Lewis Military Museum.


Bay Fees:

Flat Bay
Lift/Hoist Bay 
Computer Readout
(Domestics only) 
Battery Charge
Charging System Check
Bearing PressRWD        
Bearing Press FWD
Rotor Turn 
Drum Turn
Valve Grind per cylinder 
Tire Change by customer 
Tire Change by staff – Size 13" to 15" 
Tire Change by staff – Size 16" to 20"
Tire Balance
Storage Outside  
Storage Inside

$4 an hour
$3 per half hour
$7.50 each

$3 each
$7.50 each
$5 each

$10 each
$8 each
$6 each
$4 each
$1 each

$3 each

$5 each

$4.50 + Weights
$2 each day
$5 each day + Bay Fees


POV Resale Lot Fees

The cost is $5 for vehicles up to 16' in length, $10 for vehicles 17' to 32' feet in length, and $15 for vehicles 33' feet and longer. Register at the Arts & Crafts Center. Call 253-967-5001 for information.