Family Resource Center

Call the Family Resource Center at 253-967-9496
Directions to FRC:
from Main Gate | from Dupont Gate

FRC Building  


The white and green building which houses the FRC was constructed in the Greek Revival Style by the American Red Cross in 1917.

On February 23, 1918, it opened as a recreational facility for convalescing soldiers at Camp Lewis.  The cross-shaped building provided a lounge, library, kitchen, and accommodations for relatives. 
The renovation of the center was accomplished by the Directorate of Public Works craftsmen with assistance from the Seattle District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The renovation was completed in April 1996.
The FRC is managed by Army Community Service Family Programs, Directorate of Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation.


Reservation Guidelines

Reservation period for recurring FRG meetings is held on the first Monday in August.  Numbers are given out beginning at 0700 with the first number being called at 0900.  Notice of date is advertised in the Northwest Guardian and the Daily Bulletin.  

Reservations are made only in person at the FRC, on a first come, first served basis.  Each person will be given only one number and may make only one reservation. 

Two slots are available on weekday evenings.  One group may meet in the conference room and one in the kitchen/dining room.  The child care room is reserved on a first come, first served basis.


Cancellation Policy

Users are requested to notify the FRC, a minimum of 72 hours in advance, if they decide not to use the date reserved so that it may be offered to other groups.  If a group fails to cancel, does not show, or cancels the day of their event for 2 months in a row, the group's recurring reservations will be cancelled for the year and the group will only be allowed to make reservations on a case by case basis. FRC Standard Operating Procedure

Family Resource Center in Pictures


Child Care Room

The FRC has a fully equipped child care room with a capacity of 11.  All parents attending meetings or functions at the FRC must remain on site while their children are in the building.  Groups that provide child care at the FRC must use either:

Short Term Alternative Child Care (STACC), staffed by personnel from Child, Youth, and School Services (CYSS) and paid for by the group.

Volunteer Child Care in a Unit Setting (VCCUS), staffed by a volunteer from the group.  The volunteer must have received training from CYSS.


Great Room

The building capacity is 125. 
The Great Room isn't available for regular reservations by groups.  However, groups that reserve the entire building for parties or other big events scheduled in the evenings or on the weekends often use this area for socializing or reception. 
This room is especially popular during the holiday party season, when the building is decorated and groups reserve the whole facility.

Great Room Floor Plan


Family Readiness Groups

Side Building  

Points of Contact

Within the FRG - Unit FRGs are a command-sponsored vehicle for people within the unit.  For information on your FRG, call your unit.

Resources Available

  1. Meeting Rooms
  2. FRG Leadership Training
  3. Newsletter Production Support
  4. FRG Organizational Help
  5. Resource Library for FRG Leaders and      Commanders
  6. Advice from FRG Experts
  7. Volunteer Information

FRG Training

FRG trainings available:  FRG Leadership Training, FRG Leadership Training “Green Suit Style”, FRG Point of Contact Training, FRG Treasurer Training, and quarterly FRG Leader Forums.

 A two-day FRG Leadership Training is available four times a year.  The training sessions cover establishing a FRG, money/fundraising, newsletter, ACS overview, casualty procedures, helping a friend through grief, and volunteerism.

A FRG Leadership Training “Green Suit Style” is available for active duty members who are involved with the FRG.  The training sessions cover establishing a FRG, money/fundraising, newsletter, and volunteerism.
The FRG Leadership Training is on DVD and is available for check out.

Reservation Procedures

The FRC is available for use during the day, evenings, weekends, and holidays.  The priority for use of the FRC is as follows:


FRC scheduled programs, briefings, and training.


FRGs with reoccurring meetings: Yearly reoccurring reservations run from Oct-Sep (excluding Dec).


Off-cycle FRG meetings.


Other organizational requests.
For further information on building usage, training programs, or other available resources, please call the FRC at 967-9496.


Holiday Party Reservation Guidelines

Holiday parties are scheduled to use the first floor of the entire building. 

Party reservations will be held the first Monday in October.  Numbers are given out beginning at 0700 with the first number being called at 0900. 

Reservations are taken for three groups per day:  1000-1400, 1400-1800, and 1800-2200.  This includes set up and clean up times.

No alcohol, smoking, red drinks of any kind, candles, or animals (unless they are a certified service animal) are allowed in the facility.

All reservations and/or changes must be made in person at the FRC.

Big room

Conference Room

The FRC has a conference room equipped with tables, chairs, and a TV for meetings with a capacity up to 70.

Conference Room Floor Plan

 Kitchen and Dining Room

The FRC has a fully-equipped kitchen and dining room, suitable for either meetings or unit parties.  The kitchen is furnished with pots and pans,
dishes, silverware, and typical cooking utensils
and appliances, including a large-capacity coffee maker, microwave and dishwasher.  The dining room can seat 25 people at tables and chairs.  The capacity increases to 35 for other uses.

Kitchen and Dining Room Floor Plan


Equipment on Hand

102 padded chairs
12 - 72" long tables
5 round tables
1 - 70" long serving table
30 wooden chairs 
1 overhead projector
TV/VCR/DVD (Portable in Kids room)
Big Screen TV/VCR/DVD
Coffee Makers:  101 cup, 60 cup, and two 12 cup
Serving trays for cookies
Serving Bowls


Support Agencies

The Army Volunteer Corps officelocated in the Family Resource Center, phone 967-2324, can assist with information on volunteerism, awards, and recognition.

The Mobilization and Deployment Program
located in Army Community Service Annex, Building 2166, phone 967-9916, offers a variety of mobilization and deployment trainings and information on family care plans. 

The Private Organization office
located in the Family Resource Center, phone 967-3910, maintains the bake sale fundraising calendar for the Mini Mall, Post Exchange, and Commissary.